Tebago Faith Masoao has been working on ships as a Beauty Therapist for many years, travelling the world when she decided that Dubai would be her final destination. Having worked with many beauty brands, Tebago is now working at The Loft Fifth Avenue and is taking on a love for a German product Babor.

”All the beauty treatments are there to enhance the looks of a person. It is to emphasize the places that were not indentified. It’s the art of combination of creativity to make one feel good” – Tebago Faith Masoa

Tell me about yourself? How long have you been a beauty therapist?

I have been in the industry eight years. I have an International Diploma in ITEC (International Therapy Examination Council). Qualified makeup artist which l have worked for Estee Lauder as a skin therapist. I’ve also worked in an anaesthetic clinic with facial machines.

You mentioned that you worked on Cruise ships, Describe a typical work week for a Beauty Therapist.

Sea days are usually the busiest time, because all the guest want to use the facilities on the ship. The spa is usually fully booked. I would have seven to twelve clients for facials and massage a day.

What can you share with us about working on cruise ships?

Life time experience! Having to always travel from one country to another. You can never tell where you are going. It happens that sometimes the captain changes the Itinerary. You can never really know where you will end up. But the beauty ships is that it is always beautiful places were we visit. Different parts, all unique!

You are working  in the beauty industry, what is the best lesson you have learned along the way?

To stay informed always about whats new and keeping up with the pace. Always attend trainings and educating yourself to help your clients growth.

What does it take to be successful in your industry?

Be unique from others. Add a change into every client. learn to inspire others.

What do you consider your biggest accomplishment so far?

Travelling to the world from the age of 21 to present. Having seen Europe, Mediterranean, Baltic, Caribbean. Almost been everywhere in the world.

What skin care tips can you share with Consumers?

Give your skin enough love. Drink plenty water.Invest in a good night cream.

What is the most enjoyable part of working at Loft Fifth Avenue?

The different parts of nationalities l meet everyday. Beautiful vibes. Good energy.

Based on your professional experience, how is working in the Middle East different to working in other parts of the world?

Middle east is much calm, the nature of the people, very cultured. I find that people need to be educated about spa treatments.It is a good place for someone who loves working in the spa industry.

You have worked with a few exclusive brands, Which is your favourite product/brand, and why?

It’s hard to answer this question! Every brand l’ve worked with has something special about it. I always find good brands. Even the small brands l’ve worked with l have found them good in their own way.

If you had the chance to meet or work with a celebrity, who would it be and why?

Dr Michael Babor. Hes got so much to give in his products, this invested so much time in making the product. ”Creativity.”

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