How many times have you tried to make the perfect, sleek ponytail but it never seems to work out? Why when we twist our hair bands twice it’s too either too loose or too tight on the third go? What’s worse is when removing it, all is left are strands of damaged hair wrapped around the plain old rubber band!  This is where I introduce you to the best alternative solution: the Hair Bungee.

When I first heard that a piece of elastic with hooks on both ends existed, I knew I had to get my hands on them. Designed in Australia, Hair Bungees are simple, effective and easy to use for any hair type.

What’s different about Hair Bungees from the rest of the bands we are used to using is that it’s made up of Silicone, an eco-friendly material that holds the hair in place for hours and even days and can be worn during humid weather and sporting activities.

Making a ponytail, bun or other creative, unconventional hairstyles is easier and effortless now all thanks to Hair Bungees. You are able to control the tightness and when removing it, it glides easily without causing any damage or pulling of the hair and scalp. No wonder the world’s leading hairstylists and experts use this eco-friendly band in salons!


Here are steps on how to use a Hair Bungee:

(Image Credit: Hair Romance)

Hair Bungee Candy comes in a packet of bright colours: pink, orange, blue and green. They are perfect colours for showing them off. If you prefer more traditional colours such as blonde, black and brown, go for the    Hair Bungee Session Master.

Definitely a must-have for everyone!

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