Tokyo headpiece designer/artist and hairstylist gives us an insight on his creations and who inspired him to what he creates today…Headpieces

 Can you share a little but about your artistic origin? What led you to do what you’re doing now?

My grandfather made my inspiration side. He led me to try lots of things like making toys, fixing vehicle, painting, carving, camping, hiking, cooking etc. These things taught me how to create cool achieve and process. When I was child, always Think by myself, Think to develop ideas for fun.

Your hair creations are very artistic and eye-catching yet it doesn’t seem very easy to achieve. How do you make your work so appealing?

Every single my inspiration comes from outside. Not from SNS or any other online world. Luckily I am traveling a lot. I can feel differences of world including cultures, natures and air. These thing keeps my brain fresh. That’s why the brain storming always starts when I moving during travel. Natures makes my mind blowing, then I alway try to express that impact of feeling into my creation.

What materials do you use to create your headpieces/s? 

Anything if it has possibility to create cool stuffs.  I keep hunting materials all the time.

Describe a day in the life of Takayuki Shibata.

Live in the air. (travelling)

Could you tell us a little bit about your creative process and how long does it take to complete one look?

Exciting makes me keep making pieces all day… Once I focus to create stuffs, I can not think about eating and sleeping but music is very important for me!

It depends on looks. Sometime it take a week, sometime it takes 2,3 hours.


You’d be featured in Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, ELLE, DAZED, to name a few. How did that happen? How has that been for you?

I have just been following how I feel and what I want to do. And team brought me this stage now. It didn’t happen by myself.

What’s your artistic approach when it comes to photoshoots or even at a hair salon? Is there a specific theme you have in mind?

Theme and concept are so important for me. I always make the story of it. Think about how to create the model what kind of character need to be. And how it does look as an entire image. Hair is only one spice of whole image. Hair, Makeup, Styling, Photographer and team members need to be on same page and go toward same goal.

Do you have any thoughts that come to your mind after you’ve finished a creation or a look on a model? 

Always think forward. How I can develop the looks better from now.
I must look at the creation objectively. Otherwise my mind starts lazy…

Any favorite headpiece or hairstyles you’ve created?

I want to know that… haha
Just try to keep creating my favourite one.

Do you follow any trends or do you create your own trends?

Old painters and sculptors are my influencers. If they are still alive, I will definitely follow them.
My ambition is Trends follow us.

Is there something or someone that has inspired you to create aesthetic headpieces? Are you, by any chance, influenced by places you travel to?

World and History.
Yes totally I am.

What is your philosophy or approach when it comes to hair?

Shape and Balance is most, Impression is everything.

Who was the most exciting person that you have met or worked with?

Tim Walker (Photographer)

Thank you for taking part in this interview. Is there anything you would like to add or share with our readers that we haven’t covered?

Thank you very much for involving me in this interview.




Images provided by Takayuki

Instagram; takayukishibata

Facebook; Takayuki Shibata