Are Hair Extensions damaging to your hair?

Hair Extensions can and cannot be damaging to your hair. Depending on the application of the extension, and how you treat and look after them. Make sure you choose the right length according to your own hair. For example, if you have short hair, don’t expect to have super long hair especially when using sewn-on weaves. Weaves that are usually sewn into short hair can cause friction on the scalp and cause damage and breakage if they have been sewn in too tight. The scalp may become sore and sensitive.

You have a variety of choices when choosing the right extensions for your hair and a consultation with your Hairdresser, you can choose the right extensions for your hair type.
Hair Extensions now come in tape, pre-bonded hair, extensions that are applied on with rings, and clip in extensions.
Just remember, that you have something extra in your hair…please be gentle, and make sure that you brush your hair daily to avoid knots!